We are Sita, Deborah and Nicola - Together we are EARTHWALKING.

It all began with our individual quest, our encounter with Forrest Yoga and its ability to get us in touch with our spirit.
The three of us are connected through many hours of sweating on the mat together in all kind of combinations:
Teacher, student, assistant, colleague.

EARTHWALKING contains our spirit as a team,
combines our power and features our unique skills
to educate our local community in Berlin.

we intend to set up an appealing event for the evolution of the European Forrest Yoga Community.

If we would listen to reason, we might not have started it, as we already wear many hats in life: teacher, mother, explorer,
bodyworker, scientist, writer, lover, caretaker, manager, healer, mystic, friend, hipster, sister, puppy-owner...
But we realized that whenever we meet, no matter how busy, sleep-deficient or at the brink of madness we are, we mutually feed our spirit,
we create energy together, synergy really, and dare to dream into reality what we wouldn't do alone.

EARTHWALKING is not just another festival,
not just another compilation of interesting but random events.
It's about relating and prospering congruently.

When we do business, we mean heart.
We talk collaboration and we live it.

In Sita's vision, we want participants to experience how the lighting up of their own spirits can light up other spirits, 
leading to a magical dance of spirits that have connected to what makes them sparkle!

For Deborah, it's about cracking open the isolatedness of our private epiphanies and to expand them into context;
to make them of collective value.

Nicola's wish is to open the opportunity for people to gain clarity over what they love and to bring it into reality by daring to let go what no longer serves us- calling in the change and thriving with collaboration.

EARTHWALKING FESTIVAL is our way to make visions matter.