Cosmic Weather Forecast for August and for Earthwalking Festival Weekend

August Lion

Ok people, fasten your seatbelts – August packs a punch!! And that punch is probably both a right-hand swing that smacks you in the face and a Rum Cocktail at a really magic summer party…

Fire action

To sum up, there are three main topics this month. One is love, sweet love… parties… and the chance to get creative and express yourself. Life can feel like a stage this month sometimes – especially in Berlin ;) You walk down the street, meet a friend, there’s a party next door where you stay till 5 in the morning and meet someone really interesting…. You finally get your saxophone out again, or your easel, or you just dance the whole night through… All these are manifestations of a lot of action in Leo, the sign ruled by the sun. For the good part of the month, the sun, Mars, and Venus are all in that splendid fire sign and things really heat up. A lot of our energy is focused on play, love, and creativity. Just watch out for ego-inflation… if that Lion’s pride gets too big it can really poop the party.

Venus reloaded

The second topic is a cosmic caveat. A catch… Some clouds and unexpected rain on the sun, sunshiny day! That big cloud is Venus retrograde all month. The planet of love, relationships, art and values, goes retrograde every one and a half years only, the last time in January 2014. Think back to that time to remember the feeling… Venus in Leo normally is the party-queen-hostess-with-the-mostest, the warm-hearted curvy soul diva, the biggest flirt in town who’s never cheap though. During her retrograde motion however, Venus’ flair is considerably diminished. The party isn’t over, but it’s the moment when you don’t feel so much like dancing anymore. You go to the bathroom to check if your mascara is smeared all over and then you withdraw into a corner with a glass of wine (or water if you’ve had too many of those already…) and assess the evening.

Venus retrograde means that in matters of love and our values and style of relating, we really need to update our program. There will be obstacles, feelings might cool off, priorities change. We have a keen eye on how we are with others, what we want and need, and how well we express our hearts. Old flames and old hurts could resurface. A square from strict disciplinarian Saturn will make matters even more pressing- literally… we can sometimes feel like we’re walking with a heavy burden on our backs, and our hearts… time to come clear then and leave outdated values and relationships behind. The key to this might be for you to pay attention to give yourself value and not demand from others to boost your self-esteem!

Gentlemen prefer… Virgo

The third big trend is that mid-month on August 11th, Jupiter is finishing his year-long stay in Leo and moves into Virgo. Jupiter is the cosmic benefactor and magnifying glass. In Virgo, this means that we get lucky and attract support when we put that big Leo ego aside and look where we can be of service; pay attention to detail; purify our body and mind, develop a daily discipline and generally use discrimination and discernment. Beware of being too critical though… that nagging Virgo perfectionism can really be too much sometimes!

That also goes for any sports or yoga practice that you might expand or take up again this month. Don’t become a fitness junkie but remember to enjoy what you do. Also, don’t get hooked on that image of the perfect body… Virgo is known for an interest in diets also and with Jupiter there, those diets could be taken to extremes to conform to an ideal. But on a different note, Virgo can stoke the holy flame of discipline and care – for yourself as well as to others. When you pay attention to your body, not from outside, but when you agree to feel it and really connect with yourself, you are in tune with that aspect of the sign which is really wonderful. With Jupiter, there will be benefits for your soul and perhaps even your bank account if you do…

Earthwalking Festival Weekend – Fireworks at month’s end :)

The month ends with a full moon on August 29th in early Pisces that turns the magic on big time. That last weekend in August is literally going to be a full-blown cosmic party! Good timeing Festival Team… ;)

The moon is conjunct Neptune and promises a dreamy, visionary, trippy time… compassion and sensitivity with a touch of glamour. That means we’ll all look darn good sweating on those mats, lol! Really, with Pisces that strong, the yoga practice could get you tuned into some higher love and bring a real healing experience.  

The sun is in early Virgo conjunct Jupiter giving extra rewards to disciplined practice. With Jupiter up close and personal, you will profit in some way from your efforts. At any rate there should be a generous and fun feel to even the most strenuous asanas… let go of that neck and trust everything’s ok. With this moon I’d say you really can. Just don’t overdo it – that’s the only caution.

Things literally could get very hot as Venus is reaching a conjunction with her lover Mars on September 1st, which is already in effect during the festival weekend as well. They meet in Leo… the sign that rules the heart… fun and games… romantic love… sigh! That’s another reason why putting energy in those positions (ahem) promises to be real fun! With Mars and Venus, Movement/Energy/Sex and Love/Fun together, there will be a lot of energy in the air. Here, too, one small caution: as Pluto interacts with Mars and Venus, things get a boost of considerable depth and additional power. Abstain from trying to control and manipulate yourself or anybody else, or to push the limits. On and off the mat, please!

Path with a Heart

And finally… for some people, the last days of August could be a real life changer. A message, person or information could just really hit home. Why? Mercury is exactly on the lunar north node. The lunar north node symbolizes the best way for our soul to grow in this lifetime. Whatever or whoever comes into our life around the Festival time may well get us aligned with some part of our destiny, some new path we could travel that feels just right for our heart. So enjoy that magic end of a magic month and give it all your fire! On September 6th, Venus will go direct and from mid-October on, those Saturn tests will get considerably lighter, too. If it feels like magic – who knows, perhaps it is!!