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- A sacred metaphor to describe the experience of life as a quest for spirit - 
as individuals, a community, a collective, a people, a planet.
Based on Forrest Yoga, EARTHWALKING FESTIVAL invites,
contains and combines visionary cultural techniques to experience together
that there is a greater mystery out there weaving through everyday life. 
It's about uniting the ancient magic human with the modern progressive one.
EARTHWALKING is a festival for people to be with each other,
to explore, to break trough, to feel, to share and to integrate their experience into a greater perspective.
We believe that in community we thrive.


This year the festival's focus is on

— O U R — P A N E L S — F E A T U R E —

Forrest Yoga in all its variety, power and beauty

Bodywork, movement, and perception through the body

Explorations that help us connect to the Earth, to establish a personal and intimate relationship with it

Modalities that work to free body, voice, mind, emotions and spirit

Working with narrative intelligence and our spirit's blueprint, the archetype of the self etc...

Native American medicine


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