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Jambo 'Dragon'; Connecting to the ground-walk in beauty.

Active feet is a basic move of Forrest Yoga, one of the essentials which Jambo will teach throughout this class to provide us with the basic movement vocabulary of Forrest Yoga.
By learning to walk with active feet we awaken to become Earthwalkers.

Establishing a personal relationship, a feedback with Earth helps us to be grounded and conscious in our body. It allows us to get into a position of trust and to sense various layers of support and connection. From there, we can open up to breathe deeply.
Working with the key structural muscles, Jambo will experientially guide us through a yoga practice unravelling tightness from feet, legs, hips and lower back, creating sustainable space to embody spirit and begin Earthwalking.

This Forrest Yoga intensive will contain a 1h Ceremony of calling in the 4 directions, chanting, drumming and singing in the beginning.